About Us

Firelight Heritage Farm is built on the reputation for quality products and services that has been established by Kevin and Laura Wheeler, in their many years of business ownership.

As a family farm, Kevin and Laura raise animals, garden, forage crops, and mushrooms. They believe in keeping things clean and natural. Clean means, no artificial chemicals. They raise their products in the most natural way possible, and when they grow things inside, they mimic nature, rather than trying to produce good food in a clinical environment.

Kevin and Laura have long been committed to not only learning how to do things well, but to sharing what they learn - even sharing their own innovations (which have been considerable), to help others succeed. We aren't afraid of competition! We're not afraid to teach potential competitors how to do a thing well. In fact, we'd rather help you learn how to grow your owncrops , or even sell them, than to just sell you a finished product! Every family that survives a little better because of us makes us feel like we've contributed something valuable to the world.

From our family, to your family.




Aquaponics Anywhere is located in the United States.

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