Build Your Aquaponics Anywhere

Scale it up, scale it down, make it self-sustaining, or stock it in the spring and harvest it in the fall. However you want to do it, you can, limited only by your imagination and creativity!

  • Build it in a 100 gallon tank in your livingroom.
  • Put it in your greenhouse.
  • Get a stock tank for your back yard (or even a swimming pool) and raise fish there, with the dirty water pumped to your garden.
  • Raise tropical fruit trees in your greenhouse, with a portion of the branches feeding moth larvae (in remay sleeves), and a fish pond in the middle. Trees bear fruit and feed moth larvae, moth larvae feeds the fish, the fish fertilize the trees.
  • Create a system with or without dirt, operated automatically, or manually.
  • Naturalize fish and crustaceans in a pond, in a layered system that is self-sustaining and never needs feed inputs.
  • Create something completely unique that we haven't though of!

Aquaponics is half science, half art, and you can create a system that works in almost any situation.





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